Marine Resources Management

Do you have a strong interest in environmental sciences and a special attraction to marine ecology? A marine resources management degree can give you a deep knowledge of wetland and saltwater environments and enable you to pursue a meaningful career in marine life conservation, natural resource management, and related fields.

Learn more about what a marine resources management degree program involves and the career options available to you with this major.

What is a Marine Resources Management Degree?

A marine resources management degree is a B.Sc. with a major in marine resources management. This type of program delves deep into environmental sciences and regulations, placing a strong emphasis on ethical business management in the context of environmental sustainability. Students will also get a solid foundation in general business skills, like critical thinking, risk evaluation, communications, and more. 

A B.Sc. with a major in marine resources management includes courses on the following core subjects:

  • Marine policies and management
  • Coastal ecology and estuaries
  • Sustainability in the context of marine resources
  • Managing coastal environments
  • Climate change and its impact on marine resources

Why Pursue a Degree in Marine Resources Management

As ecological awareness grows and marine and coastal environmental policies develop accordingly, there’s rising demand for professionals with an in-depth understanding of marine ecology and sustainable practices in managing marine, coastal, and wetland resources. Students majoring in marine resources management today will have many venues for career growth and the chance to help conserve sensitive marine environments in the coming decades. 

If you’re looking for a career that will secure your future, positively impact the world, and allow you to spend plenty of time in marine or coastal surroundings, the Everglades University B.Sc. program may be the perfect fit. 

Job Opportunities in Marine & Coastal Resource Management

Depending on the additional education and training you pursue, a marine resources management degree opens the door to diverse job opportunities. You could become a:

  • Marine/fish biologist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Fishery manager
  • Coastal technician or engineer
  • Marine habitat specialist
  • Marine sanctuary manager
  • Production chain consultant for companies working in marine/coastal environments

Start a Career That Makes a Difference With a B.Sc. in Marine Resources Management from Everglades University

A marine resources management degree from Everglades University gives you a chance to pursue lucrative and meaningful career opportunities in environmental science, marine conservation, environmental policy programs, and more. The 41-month, flexible online/on-campus undergraduate program will provide a solid background in sustainable use of marine resources and give you a competitive edge when pursuing a career in marine and wetlands resource management. 

Contact us today to learn more about our marine resources management degree and get started on a bright future. Oceans await!