Degree in Public Health

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught anything, it’s that the world desperately needs workers committed to public health. Infectious diseases such as COVID-19, SARS, ebola, and monkeypox can break out at any time.

If you feel called to protect people’s health and safety, you might enjoy a career in public health administration. Learn about what jobs are available to those with degrees in public health administration.

What Do Public Health Administrators Do?

Public health administrators work behind the scenes to prevent disease outbreaks and develop preparedness tools in the event an outbreak does occur.

Public health administrators do things like:

  • Setting budgets for public outreach projects
  • Educating people on common health issues
  • Developing educational public health programs
  • Hiring and training staff

Public health administrators earn a median salary of $104,830 per year.

To become a public health administrator, you’ll need to:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in a related subject, such as health science, nursing, public health, or management.
  • Gain experience in a relevant field. This will give you a big leg up when you graduate from your public health administration program.
  • Get your master’s degree in public health administration. While it’s possible to get a job in public health with just a bachelor’s degree, you’ll have more success and higher earning potential with a master’s degree.

How Do Public Health Administrators Prepare for Infectious Disease Outbreaks?

As a public health administrator, you’ll have a big responsibility to keep people safe from infectious diseases. You’ll handle:

  • Response coordination. You’ll work with hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nonprofit organizations to develop a plan for responding to disease outbreaks. You’ll need a deep understanding of supply chain management to avoid medical supply shortages during outbreaks.
  • Communication with health organizations. For any outbreak management plan to succeed, there must be top-notch communication between managers and staff, hospital departments, emergency services, and the local community.
  • Monitoring and early detection. Public health administrators must be able to pinpoint the source of an outbreak and efficiently educate the community to keep the spread of disease in check.

Our Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration Program

Our public health administration program opens the door to a rewarding career in public health. This rigorous and rewarding program teaches:

  • Epidemiology
  • Community health assessment
  • Influencing healthcare policy
  • Improving access to healthcare

You’ll also learn about leadership skills, human resources management, and business decision-making. At the end of the program, you’ll demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained through a final capstone project.

Can’t make it to our campus? No problem. We also offer online classes that suit your schedule. You can earn your master’s degree in public health administration from anywhere in the United States.To learn more about what our degree programs offer, visit the Master’s Degree in Public Administration program online or call Everglades University at (888) 854-8308.