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Considered one of America’s best colleges by the Women’s Choice Awards, Everglades University has an outstanding reputation to provide an excellent education to individuals from all walks of life. Read below to see real Everglades students’ experience with the university.



After getting my degree, I now have the ability to achieve anything that stands in my way.” – Alexis, 2014, Holistic Medicine



“I honestly have to say, my experience with Everglades was beyond great. After getting my Associates with another online college (not Everglades) I was very apprehensive. However they handled everything with professionalism and ease. The admissions handled the transferring of my credits from my previous school and communicated with me every step of the way. The finance department walked me through my FAFSA, and even found me additional grants to help. I was registered in class with books in my hand, within two weeks. The instructors are very helpful and will work to get you where you need to be in class. But it wasn’t without some work on my part. I had to put forth some effort in order to get positive results. Thank you for everything.” – Vpitt75, 2016, Homeland Security



“I transferred from Florida State University to Everglades University to take advantage of their online Construction Management degree program. The courses are fast paced, and it takes a person willing to put in some real work, but the reward has been great already. I’ve completed six of their courses for my major, and each professor has been great! I work fulltime, have a growing family, and life can be really difficult at times; however, each person at EU has been helpful. I receive emails and phone calls from the deans, advisors, professors, that check up on how I am do, ask if they can help, and are very helpful when I contact them. As for the financial aid department, they were extremely helpful and assisted me in getting the most out of my dollar. If your a person that doesn’t want to go to school for 3 hours a week per class, 2-3 days a week, at a major university, and just wants to get their education and move forward, EU is great! I never had one professor, administration, or dean, reach out to me while at FSU to offer assistance or just check up on how I am doing, and give encouragement. This is a great school for those who want to work hard. I believe if you want the easy college experience you better start at a community college, because even FSU was a breeze compared to EU; however, EU is amazing, if you’ll keep up. I put the most into every class because this degree is part of my future and I use the information already obtained at EU to be successful at work, and has led to great advancement in the field of construction. I highly recommend this school.” – L Manson, 2017, Construction Management



“I’m almost done with College. My major is Aviation Technology, and this is the type of school that I will recomend to any one who will deside to pursue their dream. You have nothing to do, but getting a quality education, with great teachers, and great student. Thank’s to Everglades Today i can dream higher. Thank’s to the staff of Everglades University, for giving me a future.” – Yonier Pinon, nd, ni



“After attending several Universities where I was just a number EU has truly been an amazing experience. The faculty are top notch. You take one class every four weeks- I lover this schedule. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Would highly reccommend this school! And its regionally accredited!” – Tom, nd, ni



“Everglades University offered me the opportunity to continue my studies in Alternative Medicine. I am in a wheel chair and live in a different state. Everglades University is the only college accepted in all fifty states for this type of degree. I would recommend it to anyone that needed or wanted to further their knowledge or studies to gain employment. The classes are interactive, the work is up to the individual and it is motivational for the person to make a difference in their lives. The staff is great, very informative and helpful. There were times where I had anxiety about the classes and tests. The staff helped me work through it and the teachers are all top notch. I would recommend this college for those who want to get ahead in life.” – Tammy L Vroom, 2013, Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine



“I worked full time as a Junior Estimator while I was working towards my degree at EU. As classes progressed, what I was learning in class were starting to come together at work; while I reviewed plans, dealt with subcontractors and clients, and created budgets. My progress continued at EU and simultaneously at work. Library assignments and projects helped me understand the importance of creating a strong structural base for the information I would convey. They also helped me become more efficient, as I began to utilize templates to assist me in my projects in school. I translated this into templates that I could use for work. Now I am completing work in 3 hours that would normally take 2 to 3 days to compose, calculate, and compute. Within two months of graduation, I received a promotion to a Senior Estimator position and a substantial increase in pay. EU provided me with a lot more than a degree. They provided me with a key to success. I would like to thank EU for the strong base of knowledge and skills to succeed in the construction field.” – Tony Moussa, 2013, Bachelor of Science in Construction Management



“In 2010, after having been out of school since 1973, I decided to return to college to complete my degree. I called, met with an Admissions Counselor and one week later was in my first class. I graduated summa cum laude in May 2013, shortly before my 73rd birthday. My experience at EU was exciting, rewarding and empowering. Today I am more confident than ever and always hungry for more knowledge. Thank you, Everglades University, for a great experience.” – Edith Kaplan, 2013, Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine



“When I started at Everglades in 2014, I had transferred from another university because I wanted to pursue studies in holistic medicine, and this was not offered at my current university. I was intimidated when I first enrolled because EU’s structure was completely different than what I was use too; however, once the dust settled, I was able to become more fluent in my studies.  I absolutely love EU and overall, had very positive experiences with my instructors and other staff.  The instructors genuinely care about the success of the students.  They were approachable, very fair and sensitive to life issues that arose. I believe the structure of how classes are setup has a lot to do with the success rate of the students. The advisors were there to assist every step of the way, were prompt, thorough, friendly and cared!  They made the enrollment and financial process effortless by walking me through every step.  I would recommend EU to everyone who is considering an online program…matter of fact, I have many times! – Judith Carter, Alternative Medicine Graduate, 2016



“I was interested in the aviation industry so I began looking around for a school that could accommodate my work and life schedule when I learned about Everglades University. Everyone at Everglades has a special place in my life. I would like to say a special thank you to Mr. Apperson and Dr. Evans. The knowledge I have gained has helped me a lot in life and I have accomplished my dream of earning my degree in the field I love, Aviation. The staff and faculty at Everglades helped me overcome my obstacles and reach my goals. I am glad that I made the right choice by enrolling at Everglades University.” – M. Veronica Godoy-Vega Aviation/Aerospace Graduate, 2016



“I chose Everglades University because It was the first college I saw that was close to me and that taught the major I was interested in. I chose to stay because I fell in love with the school, program and most importantly the teachers and staff. Everyone is so helpful and supportive that they literally push you to graduate.”– Barbara Silvera Alternative Medicine Graduate, 2016



“I am grateful for the excellent education I received at EU and to the Online Division staff that went the extra mile to support me throughout my courses and after I graduated. “ – Nami Kaneko Alternative Medicine Graduate, 2016



“I can honestly say if it were not for the help of so many at Everglades University I could have never accomplished my dream. I will highly recommend Everglades University to anyone looking for a better future with a University that truly cares.” – Donna Hollobaugh Alternative Medicine Graduate, 2016

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