Int’l Business Degree Prepares for Dynamic Economy Careers

If you love the thought of jetting to far-flung countries and doing business in incredible places like Tokyo, Paris, and Munich, a career in international business could be perfect for you. In the international business degree program at Everglades University, you’ll learn the skills you need to succeed both at home and abroad.

Learn all about the perks of an international business degree and what you can expect to do with an international business major.

How an International Business Major Prepares You to Work in a Dynamic Global Economy

In the long ago past, people did business with others in their own communities, and many rarely left their state or even their hometown. Today, though, your employer might expect you to pack up and attend a meeting in Spain or show off a new product in Italy.

An International Business Major degree program prepares you with a solid foundation so you’re ready to work in international business.

Learn Critical Business Skills

In the business world, you’ll need to think on your feet if you want to succeed. An international business major prepares you by teaching you communication, negotiation, decision-making, and leadership skills.

Pick Up a Foreign Language

Have you ever wanted to study Spanish, German, or French? An international business major degree program gives you the perfect chance to do just that. Your foreign language abilities will take you far when conversing with people in other countries.

Gain a Global Perspective

Companies in other countries abide by laws and customs that may be unfamiliar to us here in the United States. By studying under an international business program, you’ll come to understand how overseas businesses operate.

Get a Heads-Up on Future Competitors

There may come a day when an international competitor opens a U.S. location, and if that happens, you could potentially lose customers. An international business degree prepares you to stay competitive and retain those invaluable clients.

Become More Employable

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of majoring in international business. Today’s employers strongly prefer candidates who are comfortable dealing with clients and customers from other cultures. If you can speak a foreign language, that’s a major plus.

Jobs Available to International Business Majors

Are you curious about what jobs you can get with an international business degree? Here are just a few of them:

  • Human resources manager
  • Public relations manager
  • Accountant
  • Logistics manager
  • Supply chain coordinator
  • Policy analyst
  • Economist

Learn More About Our International Business Major Degree Program

Our international business major program is ideal for anyone who wants to get ahead in today’s global economy. We offer on-campus classes and an online option for those who can’t make it in person.

To discover more about the International Business Bachelor of Science degree, visit us online or call Everglades University at (888) 854-8308.