If you combine a love for coastal and marine ecosystems with strong business and leadership skills, consider a graduate degree in Coastal and Marine Management. This type of Master’s degree could pave your road to a range of lucrative marine and coastal management careers.

Let’s take a look at different marine and coastal zone management employment options. 

What Is a Degree in Coastal and Marine Management?

Students pursuing a degree in Coastal and Marine Management must complete a 12-month graduate program that includes advanced courses in coastal and marine science, sustainability, business management, and environmental policies. Graduates gain strong management skills in the context of coastal and marine ecosystems.

This Master’s program includes courses like the following:

  • Sustainable business strategy and development
  • Sustainable coastal management
  • Principles and practice of marine resource management
  • Estuarine ecology
  • Leadership and communication

Choose from Varied Coastal Management Careers

As a Coastal and Marine Management program graduate, you’d qualify for different positions in this diverse field. 

1. Coastal Resource Management

Many coastal resource management jobs offer employment in the private sector and various government organizations and nonprofits. Positions may focus on coastal stewardship, sustainable waste management, and coastal restoration projects.

2. Coastal and Marine Conservation

Coastal and marine conservation careers often center on animal welfare, communications, and marketing in the context of coastal ecosystems, eco-tourism, and ecological consultancy. Some ocean and coastal sustainability careers strongly emphasize community outreach and fundraising.

A coastal conservation career can also focus on national park management and preservation. For instance, professionals may care for coastal environments and influence the connections between park visitors and marine and coastal ecosystems.

3. Coastal Planning

Coastal planning positions call for specialists who would help promote sustainable development in coastal areas. The work may involve inspecting plans for using coastal land, revising coastal zoning ordinances, and supporting eco-friendly construction practices in coastal zones. 

4. Coastal Science

Coastal environmental specialist jobs, which may require an additional science background, open rewarding possibilities for environmental scientists and marine biologists. These specialists gather information that helps protect coastal ecosystem health and establish sustainable policies.  

5. Fishery Management

Commercial fisheries offer another option for a marine and coastal management career. Fishery managers oversee the growing and harvesting of seafood and may monitor the processes to ensure a healthy balance between eco-consciousness and smart business practices.

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