Master’s Degree Equip a Manager with New Skills

If you see yourself as a leader with a talent for motivating others, the leadership master’s degree program at Everglades University could be perfect for you. Below, learn about the skills you’ll pick up during the program, plus a few careers available to you upon graduation.

Skills You’ll Learn With an Organizational Leadership Program

An organizational leadership master’s program prepares you to become a trailblazer in a variety of exciting corporate environments. Here are just a few of the valuable skills you will learn during your program.


Of all the skills today’s managers must learn, communication is at the top of the list. Managers often have to talk with C-level executives, employees, customers, and vendors. Effective communication is the key to building meaningful relationships in the business world.

Time Management

Managers are constantly busy, which means it’s critical that they learn how to manage their time. A leadership master’s degree will teach you how to prioritize events and activities so you don’t get overwhelmed with your day-to-day schedule.

Problem Solving

Many managers face challenging problems daily, and they must know how to solve those problems to keep businesses running efficiently.

Supply Chain Management

This skill is especially important if you work as a manager for a restaurant or retail store. It enables you to maintain a business’s stock so it doesn’t run out of goods.

Careers Available to You With a Leadership Master’s Degree

A Master’s Degree in Leadership opens many doors to graduates. Here are just a few careers available to you after graduation.

Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers handle recruitment and hiring, interviewing potential hires, and managing employees. They also resolve workplace disputes and choose benefits packages for workers. Human resources managers earn an average of $130,000 annually.

Sales Manager

If you have a knack for convincing others, you could thrive as a sales manager. People in this position lead a company’s sales team, coach salespeople, and monitor customer satisfaction. Sales managers earn about $130,600.

Project Manager

Project management could be the field for you if you have an eye for detail. Project managers are responsible for overseeing projects and ensuring the team delivers the final product on time. They earn approximately $95,370.

School Principal

Do you love kids? A career as a school principal may be the perfect fit. Principals manage teachers and other staff, oversee school activities, and coordinate curriculums. Principals earn an average of $101,320.

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