Career in Wetland Restoration

If you’re passionate about protecting wetland ecosystems and preserving aquatic wildlife, a wetland restoration career could be a great match for you. But you’ll need to take the time to prepare for this challenging yet rewarding field.

Understand the Need for Wetland Restoration 

Wetland restoration plays a vital role in protecting hydrology and marine life. As a wetland specialist, you would be responsible for critical operations like:

  • Maintaining the cleanliness and purity of waterways
  • Preventing pollutants from contaminating wetlands
  • Remediating wetlands after disasters

Your job will help preserve fishing economies, resting grounds for migratory birds, and habitats for various wildlife species. 

Know the Types of Job Duties You’ll Perform 

You should also be aware of potential job duties related to wetland restoration and marine resources. Through your job, you may be:

  • Surveying land and wildlife
  • Collecting soil samples
  • Producing progress reports
  • Tracking aquatic wildlife
  • Monitoring migratory birds

Wetland restoration careers often require a lot of hands-on work, where you’ll be in the field collecting samples, taking photos, and recording information. You’ll likely perform some of your job duties in a lab as well, where you’ll analyze samples and compile data. 

Seek a Degree in Marine Resources Management

Jobs within the wetland restoration and marine resources field require extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of how wetlands operate and their role within the greater ecosystem. As a result, obtaining a degree in this area is crucial to gaining the know-how to perform your job duties effectively.

Through a degree in marine resources management, you’ll take essential courses such as:

  • Estuaries & Coastal Ecology
  • Global Climate Change
  • Environmental Impact Analysis
  • Coastal and Marine Environmental Policy

You’ll gain diverse environmental science, business, and management skills to prepare you for a wide range of wetland jobs and restoration projects. 

Consider Professional Certifications

Some jobs in wetland restoration require specific certifications. However, even if your desired position does not require certification, obtaining one can further enhance your skills and help your resume stand out when you begin applying for full-time positions on job boards. 

You may consider obtaining a professional certification through any of the following organizations:

  • Society of Wetland Scientists
  • American Institute of Hydrology
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • Wetland Training Institute

Everglades University: Your Source for Marine Resources Education

If you’re ready to dive into a wetland restoration career, choose Everglades University to prepare you well. 

Our Bachelor of Science with a major in Marine Resources Management provides you with the specific skills and knowledge you need to thrive in a career within marine, wetland, and coastal environments. You’ll also learn well-rounded business management skills to help you stand out in the job search. Request info today to learn more about our Marine Resources Management degree or related programs.