Business Degree

An MBA (Master’s Degree in Business Administration) is one of the most popular, useful, and versatile degrees for people pursuing corporate careers. Depending on your professional background and goals, completing an advanced business administration degree program allows you to seek a wide range of job opportunities, from senior sales manager to business analyst or investment advisor. 

What is an MBA Program?

A Master’s Degree in Business Administration can help you climb the career ladder by providing a comprehensive background in business analytics, risk management, decision making, and other vital skills for senior business management positions. An MBA also emphasizes soft skills like leadership qualities, interpersonal communication, team management, and professional networking.

An MBA program typically includes courses on the following core subjects:

  • Managerial finances
  • HR management
  • Business policies and decision making
  • Leadership skills
  • Advanced accounting

How an Advanced Business Administration Degree Can Fuel Your Career

An MBA will give you a competitive edge if you’re looking for an upper-tier managerial career in almost any industry. The following are a few key benefits of an MBA.

1. A Diverse Skill Set

A master’s degree in business administration gives you technical skills, like accounting and financial models, and more general skills, like problem solving, leadership, and strategic thinking. 

2. An Advantage Across Industries

Are you pursuing a career in healthcare, finance, or construction? Regardless of your specialization, an MBA will make you a better fit for advanced managerial positions. 

3. Extra Points for Your Resume

When many applicants compete for the same position, an MBA can give your resume extra flair and help your application catch the eye of recruiters. If you’re working in a large organization, an MBA could give you a leg up whenever you come across a promotion opportunity. 

4. Interpersonal Connections

Studying for an MBA helps you foster useful peer-to-peer connections and build a professional network. An MBA can also boost your skills managing teams and navigating organizational dynamics. 

5. Helpful Skills for Starting Your Own Business

An MBA is one of the most practical degrees not just for seeking a job in existing organizations but also for starting your own company. An MBA can also lend you credibility when pitching a business idea to potential investors. 

Expand Your Career Opportunities with an MBA Degree from Everglades University

An MBA from Everglades University gives you the skills you need for a thriving career in various corporate sectors. This advanced 12-month program instills in-depth knowledge of business management and operation, hones your leadership skills, helps you make better business decisions, and gives you an edge in a competitive job market.

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