Land and Energy Management

Land is a finite resource, and as our population grows and the demand for resources continues to rise, maximizing the economic and social use of land while preserving it and protecting natural resources is imperative to the future success of humanity and the planet. 

If you’re looking for a high-demand career that benefits the planet, a bachelor’s degree in land and energy management could be right up your alley. 

About Sustainable Land and Energy Management 

Taking a sustainable approach to land management means balancing the needs of various stakeholders within a population to ensure that the land, the world’s natural resources, and our quality of life are protected without stifling economic growth. 

Sustainable land and energy management requires taking a long-term, big-picture approach to all technologies and land use practices that can affect resources, soil, biodiversity, and the overall health of the population and planet. 

By finding the right balance, current generations can still fully use and enjoy land and resources without jeopardizing future generations. Professionals who work in this field work to find this balance, optimizing the use of different categories of land, including urban areas, forests, and farmland.

 Types of Jobs Available with a Land and Energy Management Degree 

As you can imagine, protecting the earth’s most critical resource requires developing knowledge and management skills that will be invaluable in a career and land and energy management. Critical thinking and communication skills are also vital in this field because there are infinite factors to consider and stakeholders with conflicting interests who must ultimately come to an agreement about how to use and optimize land sustainably.

In addition to developing skills that transfer across all professions, you’ll also learn about environmental law, policy, regulations, and requirements with a framework for staying up to date in your field.

As the countries of the world have become more interconnected, sustainable land management is a global concern with an abundance of career opportunities, including: 

  • Land and mineral rights acquisition
  • Fossil fuel and renewable energy resource development
  • Contracts management
  • Land analysis
  • Policy and program management
  • Climate action
  • Project management 

There’s a long list of potential career opportunities in this field (beyond what’s listed above), and the qualifications require applicants to have advanced negotiation tactics and data analysis skills, both of which are an integral part of a land and energy management degree. 

Start Planning for Your Future and the Future of the Planet 

Protecting our most vital resources is a worthwhile career path with career growth potential. At Everglades University, we have degree programs that fit your lifestyle with graduation in 3.5 years and the option to take classes on campus or online. 

If you’re interested in creating a better future and earning a degree in land and energy management, begin enrollment today.