You’ve always been drawn to the idea of natural healing. Now, you’re finally ready to pursue it. Whether you want to work at a private practice, in a clinic or in a healthcare facility, it all starts with an alternative medicine degree.

Everglades University offers a Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Alternative Medicine. It’s designed to help you assess the mind, body and spirit, and to find ways that all three can be integrated into your healthcare approach.

Follow these three steps to earn your alternative medicine degreeand start the journey toward your dream job.

  1. Choose a reputable university. While there are many alternative medicine courses out there, not all universities offer a bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine. At Everglades University, you not only gain valuable knowledge, but you also earn a bachelor’s degree in the process. Plus, Everglades University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, making it a reputable option.
  2. Apply to the program. You can apply for many alternative medicine programs online. Check the university’s website for applicable deadlines and mark important dates on your calendar. To avoid any delay in your acceptance or ability to enroll in required courses, make sure to apply early.;
  3. Complete the requirements. Similar to other bachelor’s degree programs, you’ll be required to complete a certain number of credit hours. At Everglades University, the requirements are divided into four parts: general education courses (30 credit hours), lower division required courses (18 credit hours), interdisciplinary studies (21 credit hours) and upper division required courses (54 credit hours), totaling 123 credit hours.


By the program’s completion, you will have a working knowledge of alternative medicine disciplines, including integrative wellness techniques, and nutrition.