Career in Unmanned Aerial Systems

An aviation degree in unmanned aerial systems may seem specific at first glance. But you may be surprised that this degree can prepare you for various careers. 

Unmanned aircraft systems like drones have become vital to numerous industries. You can pursue a career in any of the following fields with a degree in unmanned aerial systems.


The construction industry uses unmanned aerial vehicles to survey and inspect construction sites at the panoramic level and up close. This industry utilizes drones for tasks like:

  • Inspecting structures
  • Progress monitoring
  • Site surveying and mapping
  • Monitoring personnel safety

Your degree in unmanned aerial systems can be useful as a construction surveyor or inspector. 


The agricultural industry has come to depend on drones to monitor and index extensive crop fields without personally visiting targeted areas. Your degree can provide you with the skills for any of the following agriculture-related tasks:

  • Turf management
  • Studying the health of plants
  • Creating crop index maps 
  • Surveying large crop fields

Agriculture executives will rely on you to quickly pinpoint areas of concern through an unmanned aircraft system and navigate the system precisely to avoid interfering with crop growth and health. 


The use of unmanned aerial systems is also rapidly growing within the transportation sector. You can secure a job in transportation inspection and use unmanned systems to gain real-time, up-close information about critical roadways, bridges, and railroads. 

A degree in unmanned aerial systems will give you the skills to navigate these aircraft with expertise and precision. Many transportation inspection jobs will teach you the specific criteria to look for during an inspection, and pairing this on-the-job training with your pre-existing aviation experience will give you the necessary skills for the role. 

Urban Air Mobility

As unmanned aircraft systems become more common, the need for experience like an aviation degree in unmanned aerial systems will continue to increase. One industry that has been expanding the use of unmanned systems is Urban Air Mobility (UAM), which takes an innovative approach to transportation.

Soon, more and more urban areas will use drones and other uncrewed aerial vehicles to transport cargo, easing ground traffic congestion. The goal of UAM is to build more livable cities as worldwide populations continue to increase, and as an unmanned aerial technician, you will play a vital role in achieving this reality. 

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