A degree in business administration can open the door for graduates in a variety of fields. One major benefit of this degree is that it is highly adaptable and provides graduates with transferable skills they can apply toward many different job responsibilities.


The field of marketing is growing rapidly as marketing avenues increase with the advancement of technology. Marketing managers and account executives collaborate with lots of different individuals, like those on creative and sales teams, to create advertising campaigns for clients. Business graduates who have a minor or work experience in marketing or advertising would find this field engaging and creatively challenging.

Human Resources (HR)

Business graduates with an interest in administrative work should look into the field of HR. HR Professionals work on the administrative side of companies, tackling both recruiting and hiring, as well as business planning and internal employee relations. Business majors are well-equipped to handle these areas, having completed classes such as Effective Team Management, Relationship Management, and Human Resources Management.


For those who have a mind for numbers, the financial field offers high-paying positions with a good deal of job security, as this field is always in demand. Chief Financial Officers, Financial Analysts, and Accountants are positions that require a certain set of skills. As a company grows, they create job openings for financial experts.


If you have a natural inclination toward people, sales work may be appealing to you. While not all jobs within this field require regular interaction and the constant persuading of people, that is a trend that is common throughout most of the industry. For this reason, business graduates who were involved in extracurricular organizations like student government would likely feel comfortable in sales. As online and brick-and-mortar stores merge in response to consumer demand, the need for sales positions is always growing.


Business administration is a major that fully equips graduates to handle the difficulties and challenges of managerial roles across a variety of industries. Courses like Critical Thinking in Business, Relationship Management, and Quantitative Methods in Administration encapsulate the daily responsibilities of those in management and prepare students to tackle problems with real-life examples. 

Social Media

Though it may not seem like a viable career, social media is a growing industry that requires an adept understanding of consumer behavior, marketing practices, and natural creativity. Business graduates are ideal candidates for this field, as the courses taught in this major, like Customer Relationship Management, help with these key requirements. If you are interested in working in social media, having experience is crucial, so getting some form of internship prior to entering the workforce is recommended.

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