Becoming an entrepreneur is still the American dream. Being able to start and run your own successful company is what many people strive to do in their lifetime. But becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy and there are many skills and years of education required in order to get you where you need to be. 


At Everglades University, we offer a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship for those passionate about starting their own company. The degree focuses on the behaviors and attributes required to operate successfully in the entrepreneurial environment and teaches students what they need before entering that world, including the risks and rewards. 


Upon graduation, Everglades students will have the application of theories and concepts needed to succeed and they will understand entrepreneurial concepts and business strategies and be prepared to take on their own business venture. 


But beyond that, students who study entrepreneurship will also learn valuable life skills that you may not get when studying something more analytical like math or sciences. We dive into four of them. 

How to Fail

Failing is hard, and those who aren’t used to failing may take one failure as the end-all to their venture. Unfortunately, when you look to build your own company, failure is inevitable at at least one stage. While studying entrepreneurship, you will learn how to fail gracefully and how to use that failure to your advantage. 

What You’re Passionate About

When you begin to figure out what type of company you want to open or venture you want to take, you will have to take a deep dive into your passions and your skills. Becoming an entrepreneur means learning a lot about yourself and in the process, you’ll be able to hone in on your true passion and what will make you happy professionally. 

How to Be Financially-Savvy

Opening your own company often means putting out your own money in the hopes that it will be returned through your success. This means that you have to really look at your own finances and the market to understand just how probable your success is. You’ll have to understand investments, stocks and everything that goes into creating a brand new business. 

How to Trust Yourself

It can be extremely difficult to leave a comfortable job to take a risk and start your own venture. While you learn the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur, you will also learn how to trust your instincts and stay true to yourself.  

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