Being a student is a job in its own, and while you are in your studies, you are learning a lot of tools that will help you in the workforce. But once you begin working as an employee, you will see that a lot of change is ahead. To successfully transition from student to employee, consider doing these four things. 

Get Hands On Experience

Whether it’s a work study program, an internship or even a full- or part- time job while in school, having this experience is vital to ensuring you are prepared to enter the workforce. If you do not have the time for a job, consider asking a professor to help them with papers, volunteer at a local community center on the weekends or even shadow a mentor, parent or friend at their job a few times to get a better feel for office culture. 

Create Good Habits Now

Finding the time to study and using that time efficiently is a great task to learn before you enter the workforce. Practicing skills like organization and time management throughout your student career will make you a much more successful employee. Learn how to work with a calendar now, whether you use a planner or an online tool, and make a point to follow it. You may even consider using these organizational skills in your personal life as well. 

Follow the Right Path

It’s hard to be successful in a career that doesn’t suit or interest you. While you’re in school, make sure you are following a career path that you want to be in. If you are interested in your studies and school material, it’s likely that you’ll also enjoy your future career as well. If you find yourself struggling through your classes, it may be a good idea to speak with an advisor about other options. 

Dress the Part

It may be common sense, but as you transition from student to employee, you should also transition your wardrobe. Try to incorporate more professional pieces to your everyday wear, even if you work in a casual office environment or in a creative field. You may have relied on sweatpants and t-shirts for class and study time, but changing your wardrobe to look more professional will in turn make you feel more professional, which will help you get ahead in the workforce. 


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