FAFSA is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the form used to determine how much federal aid a student is eligible for. When a student is accepted for federal aid, they are better able to pay for their tuition, along with other things they will need like books and room and board. Federal student aid is a part of the U.S. Department of Education and is the largest provider of student financial aid in America.

At Everglades University, we have a team in place at each of our campuses to help students sign up and receive the full amount of aid they can. Here are a few things to do before filling out your FAFSA.

Speak with the Financial Services Department

The Financial Services Department at Everglades University encourages students to make appointments with them to discuss their FAFSA. A Financial Services Administrator will sit down with you and ensure you are receiving the funding you deserve.

Gather all your information

The FAFSA form requires a lot of information that most students may not know off hand. You will need to know the social security numbers of both of your parents if they are helping you pay for college, all your federal tax information, including any and all W-2’s for you, your parents and your spouse, where applicable, cash information, and records of untaxed income.

Set up a FSA ID

Before you can start your FAFSA, you must create an FSA ID. You will need to enter your name and social security number and once your ID is received, be sure to use that when filling out your form.

If you have questions about filling out your FAFSA, contact a member of our Financial Services Department by visiting our website or contacting us by phone at 888-854-8308.