When you decide to further your education with an undergraduate or graduate degree, you will most likely also be familiarizing yourself with financial aid, loans and grants. Paying for college is one of the trickiest parts of making the final decision to attend, so it’s important you understand all of your financial options. In addition to taking out loans, you can also apply for federal grants to help you pay for your studies.

A federal grant is usually money that is given to a student to help them pay for the studies. Unlike a federal loan, a grant is usually award money or economic aid that the government gives to students in need. You can also receive grants from a charity or non-profit organization. The government has about 1,000 different grant programs, all of which help students who are either entering college, continuing their studies, or even looking to complete a research project. You can be given a grant that covers the entirety of your university costs or just a portion of it.

Grants are put into categories and those who receive a grant must fit the requirements for those categories. Fortunately, there are a ton of different categories where grants are given, including the arts, education, business and even those affected by disasters or financial ruin.

You can receive one of two different types of grants: a direct grant and a pass-through grant. A direct grant comes straight from the federal government. Students are able to sign up via an online application for these direct grants, and once you are accepted, you receive the grant automatically, without having to go through any other avenues. A pass-through grant is a grant that is first given to the state by the federal government. The state can choose to distribute the amount of that grant to students in the state. This lowers the pool of applicants and increases your specific chances of receiving the grant.

If you are looking for help to pay for your education, always search for available grants. Even if you think you don’t fit into any of the categories, you could be surprised as to what is offered. The government has created a database to help you find grants that fit you and with just a bit of research and work, you can be on your way to receiving one of these grants and the help you need to pay for school.

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