We all go to college for one main reason: to gain the skills and knowledge needed to enter into the field of our choosing. And while many colleges and universities offer the same degree programs, it’s important to understand which have students that enter into those fields post graduation.

Here at Everglades University, we are proud of our alumni, who continue to climb the ladder and become successful leaders within their fields. Below are five of our popular industries that our alumni have entered into.

As we get further into the future, the aviation/aerospace industry is more in demand than ever. Those in this field have the opportunity to work in a variety of roles, including aviation maintenance, flight operations, and air traffic control. But getting into this field isn’t easy—you need at least an undergraduate degree along with certain certifications to go far in this career. At Everglades University, we offer a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree for students looking to break into the tough, yet demanding, industry of aviation science and aerospace.

Careers include: flight operations, aerospace management, aviation security, aviation safety, operations management, and more.

Alternative Medicine
More and more, people are turning to alternative medicine options to treat their ailments. Alternative medicine refers to anything outside of the traditional medical realm and can include everything from a chiropractor to a spa manager. Much of what surrounds this field is the changing view of physical medicine, integrative wellness techniques and nutrition. By obtaining your Bachelor’s Degree in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University, you will gain the skills you need to succeed in this field, learning everything form clinical decision making and women’s and men’s health to naturopathy and health psychology.

Careers include: chiropractor, acupuncturist, physical therapist, rehab associate, wellness center manager, spa manager, and more.

Business Administration
Business remains at the top of the most popular degree program in the United States and beyond. A Bachelor’s Degree in business is necessary for mostly every business-related endeavor, but with so many students graduating with this degree, most students who want to go further in their career opt for a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. This degree prepares you for the MBA and teaches the theoretical concepts and decision-making skills that will help you succeed in the world of business.

Careers include: business owner, sales manager, accountant, business operations manager, financial analyst, and more.

Construction Management
Construction is a fast growing field—so fast, in fact, that most jobs now require a degree. Those in the construction management field work to not only build buildings and homes, but also to plan and manage them. Before a building even breaks ground, there are many people involved in the project, from contract writers to design experts, and all of them need to work together to ensure a project is done correctly. Graduates of the Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management program will also be prepared to take the LEED Green Associates exam to become certified LEED Green Associates.

Careers include: project manager, construction manager, site engineer, surveyor, building services engineer, and more.

Alternative and Renewable Energy Management
If you’re looking for a career that will take you into the future, alternative and renewable energy management should be your first choice. The energy industry is constantly changing, and as our environmental concerns continue to grow, being at the forefront of this will ensure a positive and long-lasting career. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Alternative and Renewable Management teaches the alternative energy principles, regulations, and business and management operations that are needed to succeed in this field.

Careers include: energy manager, solar installer, clean car engineer, sustainability manager, renewable energy technician

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