Business degrees continue to be one of the most sought-after degrees in the world. With a variety of professions benefiting from a degree in business, many students begin their studies here, or look to expand it with a Master’s Degree in the subject.

At Everglades University, we offer a variety of business degrees for interested students. All of our programs provide students with a well-rounded view of business practices and give them the skills needed to become successful in all entities of business, from financial, economics, marketing, management and more. Below are the options for a Degree in Business at Everglades University.

Business Administration

Majoring in Business Administration is a great choice for the student who wants to learn business principles in a variety of different realms. Upon graduation, students with this degree go on to become managers, supervisors and take other related administrative roles within the business environment. Courses include writing for managers, business law, operations management, business ethics and more.

International Business

An International Business Degree is for those who want to learn about business principles from all over the world. This degree prepares students to enter the field of business from anywhere in the world and works to give them the skills needed to succeed globally. Courses include global strategy and policy, international business ethics, politics in international business, putting global strategies into action and more.

Hospitality Management

For those who love to interact with others, a degree in Hospitality Management is a great option. Upon completion of this degree, students can go on to become managers and supervisors at places like hotels, venues, corporations and more. Courses include relationship management, effective customer service, food and beverage management, facilities planning and more.


Students who want to expand their learning and earn a Master’s Degree may be interested in our Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. This program prepares students to run their own businesses and become successful in the entrepreneurial environment. Courses include leadership skills for managers, new venture creation, managerial finance, accounting for decision makers and more.

If you are interested in entering the field of business, visit our website or contact us at 888-854-8308 to learn more.