Graduation is an exciting time for all and something all students should be proud of once they reach it. Unfortunately, many students make the mistake of not completing all their requirements before the graduation deadline and end up not being able to walk at commencement, graduate with their class, and finish on time.

To avoid this happening to you, ensure that you meet the right requirements and complete all the necessary items as soon as you are ready to graduate.

  1. Complete the Graduation Exit Survey– This is a simple survey that we require before you can complete your Graduation Exit Application. You will evaluate your completed degree program to help Everglades University grow.
  1. Complete the Graduation Exit Application– Once the survey is complete, you will need to complete the full application. Schedule a bit of time to sit down and fill out the application completely and accurately.
  1. Meet with the Director of Student Services– Before any student is able to graduate, they must meet with the director and complete an exit interview.
  1. Complete all Coursework– All related coursework must be completed and satisfactory. All students at Everglades University must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA to graduate.
  1. Everything Must Be Paid– All financial obligations must be met prior to graduation. If they are not met, you will not receive your degree or be able to obtain your official transcripts.
  1. Get the Appropriate Clearance Signatures– All students must get clearance signatures from the following departments: Financial Services, the Bursar, the Library, Student Services and Academic Affairs.
  1.  Attend a Graduation Seminar– When your last semester begins, you must attend a graduation seminar which will go over all of the above, plus information about commencement and requirements.

 If you are ready to graduate, or looking to graduate with a degree that fits your career path, contact us today to learn more. Give us a call at 888.854.8308 or visit our website to learn more.