When you are on campus, you should always feel safe, no matter what is occurring around you. Whether there is an emergency or a natural disaster occurring, your school should have a crisis response protocol in place to ensure that all students and faculty members are kept safe and clear from any danger.

At Everglades University, we use the Alertnow system. This system sends out a mass notification through voicemail, email and text message to students and faculty to let them know what is happening. These same messages will also be posted on the main website and as the direct message when the hotline is called.

We even take crisis management a step further, offering the Crisis and Disaster Management Program to students attending the University.

Who to Call

If a crisis is occurring on campus, students and faculty can call the Information Hotline at 1-877-353-4737. By calling this number, students will automatically get updates about what is occurring.

If the crisis is personal and happening to you or a smaller group of people, dial 2-1-1 for the Crisis Hotline. This 24/7 hotline provides free and confidential crisis counseling and will refer you to a Crisis Center if necessary.

In the case of a true emergency, students and staff should always call 9-1-1.

Campus Response Team

At each of our campuses, we have the Campus Response Team, or CRT. Members of this team can be spotted by a red lanyard worn at all times. Their job is to oversee any crisis and direct the campus during a crisis before law enforcement arrives. If a student or faculty member feels unsafe or has witnessed a crisis or crime, they should find a member of the CRT to report the incident immediately.

Similarly, every campus also has a certified security team member. These team members are there to walk faculty, staff, and students to and from their cars, should they feel the need, and can be easily reached from the front reception desk.

The Crisis and Disaster Management Program

At Everglades University, we know how important being prepared for a crisis is. That’s why we offer the Crisis and Disaster Management Program to students interested in learning how to protect others. This program focuses on management, relief, and recovery of public crises and disasters, preparing students to enter into management careers in areas of terrorism, disaster management, and emergency preparedness. For more information on this program, visit the Crisis and Disaster Management Degree Program page.

How to avoid crisis

Everglades University puts certain measures in place to ensure the safety of everyone on their campuses. In addition to the CRT and security personnel, all students and faculty must wear ID badges at all times while on school property. In addition, students who wish to park on campus must have a labeled, and visible, sticker and are only able to park in designated areas.

To further help you before a crisis happens, make sure you are familiar with the CRT and who the members of the CRT are on your campus. Add the crisis hotline number to your phone for easy access, and be aware of the emergency response plans put in place.

For more information on crisis management at Everglades University, visit our website for more information.