Whether it’s your first college class ever, you are returning after many years, or you are entering into a graduate program, the first day of class can be overwhelming. Even if you choose to complete your studies online, you may still get those same butterflies when logging in for the first time, unaware of what to expect.

Before classes begin, here are a few things every student should do.

  1. Check Your School Email

A lot of professors will reach out to the class prior to the first day to ensure they have the books and materials that will be needed. Unlike high school, most classes will begin right away, so it’s important that you come prepared. In fact, there may even be a first day assignment that is due, so always check your email before day one.

  1. Be Prepared to Work

As mentioned, many classes will truly begin on day one. Forgoing an introduction class where a teacher will go over what you can expect from the semester, most professors will send a syllabus and leave that part up to you to review on your own time. Since the first day will usually begin with a lesson and even work that needs to be completed, it’s important you come prepared. This means showing up with notebooks, pens, and any books that are needed.

  1. Work Out Your Schedule

No matter if you are studying on campus or online, it’s vital you show up to your first class on time, if not early. If you are on campus, consider walking to your class a few days before so you are familiar with the route, or leaving your house earlier than you normally would to ensure you can find parking and make it there on time. If you are taking classes online, make sure you leave work early enough to boot up your computer and get yourself situated. You should also make sure you have a reliable internet connection and a quiet place to get things done.

  1. Get Enough Sleep

You may be anxious about starting classes, but it’s important that you get enough sleep in the week leading up to them. If possible, try to go to sleep earlier than you usually would to make sure your brain is well rested as you prepare for later nights studying and more free time spent completing assignments.

  1. Have an Open Mind

You may be having doubts about going back to school, and these doubts will only intensify as the start date gets closer. Instead of thinking about all the reasons why you can’t handle classes, think about all the positives that it will bring: a brighter future, career advancement, confidence and a whole new network of professionals and friends.

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