Whether you are on campus everyday or completing your studies online, it is likely that at one point or another, you will have to work with or communicate with other classmates during a course. These types of interactions usually come in the form of group projects, discussion posts and assignments given by the teacher. But beyond these assigned interactions, it’s important for all students to form relationships with their fellow classmates, specifically those studying the same or similar degree program as you.

It Helps with Networking Skills

Throughout your time at university and beyond, networking will become an important part of your life. Is it often through networking where you will find jobs, connections and even clients for your business down the line. But, networking skills don’t come easy, and many people are actually quite intimidated by the idea of it. Communicating and forming relationships with your classmates is a great entry into the world of networking and will help you hone in your communication skills.

It Reduces Stress Brought On by Coursework

When you feel alone while working on a difficult assignment, it can be daunting. But if you have other classmates you can speak to who are equally as stressed, it can actually make you feel less worrisome. Plus, you can all work together to brainstorm and find ways to complete the assignment, making it not only more productive, but less stressful and time consuming.

 It Provides You with Worthwhile Connections

Those networking skills you practiced will come in handy when you need a connection down the line. The friends you make at university will provide you with many things, and one of those things is connections. You never know when you will need a recommendation or find your dream job at a company they work for. Having a strong support group is great, but having those people help you excell in your career later on is a huge bonus.

It Keeps You Accountable

Ever feel like giving up on your studies? Talk to your classmates. More than likely, a majority of them have felt the same way, but found a way to persevere and get through it. Learn from each other, vent to each other, and use each other as accountability partners. If you have a hard time making it to class each day or waking up for an online lecture, ask a friend to text you when their alarm goes off or plan to meet up for a coffee before class. Having someone else count on you makes actually going much easier to do.

 It Makes the Process More Enjoyable

Having others you can talk to and enjoy school with makes the entire process of getting your degree much better. When you can look forward to brainstorming sessions, study parties, and even simply seeing your friends in class, school suddenly becomes something you look forward to rather than something you dread.

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