When we stay at a hotel or dine out at a restaurant, we expect the employees of that establishment to treat us well. In fact, when we feel we are not treated well, it can ruin our experience entirely.

So what makes someone a good hospitality manager? The first step is a degree. At Everglades University, our Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management prepares students to enter the hospitality world and become managers, supervisors and similar administrative roles. Through courses like effective customer service and business ethics, students will learn the management skills needed to be successful in this field. In addition, they will also learn the software applications, technical skills, and critical thinking skills that will allow them to thrive.

But beyond a strong degree, hospitality managers must also possess certain personality traits. A student who fully understands the software used at the hotel, but has no empathy or patience, will be of no use to a guest who is in distress. Below are four personality traits all hospitality managers should have.


Dealing with customers can be a trying experience, but it’s important to always remain patient, no matter how difficult they become. Whether you are working at a hotel, a restaurant or managing an event, you will come across many different personalities and even people from different parts of the world. You always need to remain calm and help every customer the best you can.


Those that go into hospitality management because they are unsure of what to do will usually have a hard time with the everyday job. But, if you truly love what you’re doing and enjoy helping others within your specific realm, you are very likely to not only succeed but flourish in your career.


The world of hospitality is constantly changing. If you crave a 9-5 job that looks the same each day, hospitality may not be for you. One day you may be putting out fires, while the next you are receiving praise, and you have to be ready for anything that may be thrown at you. Schedules are often changing weekly, too, so it’s important that you are flexible and open-minded about how and when you work.


Having a strong sense of teamwork is vital in this industry. A hotel or a restaurant is only as good as the team put in place to run it. As a manager, you are tasked with managing employees and ensuring everything is running smoothly. But, you must also be able to work with your employees as a team, finding ways to make customers happy and run the business together.

If you have these personality traits and are considering a career in hospitality management, contact Everglades University today. Our advisors will help to further explain the program and help you understand the qualifications and expectations for graduation. For more info, visit our website.