Leaders in Crisis and Disaster Management have always had an extremely important role not just in their respective positions, but in the world. Recently, though, a career in crisis and disaster management has become more important than ever and the need for the right people to fill these positions has heightened.

As we see more and more natural and human disasters occurring every day, it’s vital for those interested in helping their communities and people across the globe to consider pursuing a degree in crisis and disaster management. With this degree, graduates can work in a variety of fields, from education to government to non-profit organizations.

At Everglades University, our Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Disaster and Crisis Management is ideal for those wishing to join this particular workforce. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for an entry-level career in crisis and disaster management and focuses on management skills, business knowledge, and critical thinking and decision making, with a focus on management, relief and recovery from public crises and disasters.

The program combines these skills with general education courses and business and management applications to create a well-rounded student who is ready to face the world of disaster management. In the event of a public emergency, disaster or catastrophe, it will be these graduates who are called upon to help aid in the recovery.

The Bachelor of Science Degree with a Major in Disaster and Crisis Management includes a variety of upper division courses tailored towards crisis and disaster management. They include:

  • Emergency Management and Public Policy
  • Crisis and Disaster Psychology
  • Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment
  • Emergency Operations Center Operation and Design
  • Terrorism and Homeland Security
  • Disaster and Society
  • Disaster Health Management
  • And more


If you are interested in becoming a leader in crisis and disaster management, contact Everglades University to learn more. You can call us at 888-854-8308 or visit our website.