Everglades University


Everglades University is an accredited, private not-for-profit university offering bachelor’s and master’s degree programs available both on-campus and online.  A personalized take on a traditional college courses, Everglades University allows students a flexible schedule with small class sizes and innovative degree programs.

With undergraduate degrees ranging from Alternative and Renewable Energy Management, Construction Management, International Business and more, we aim to kindle the fire of each student’s individual passion to ensure their success.  Understanding that students and adult learners require training in their respective fields, and not generalized courses, we provide concentration educations on careers that have proven successful.

With a combination of thorough research, scholarly contribution, and service, Everglades University provides quality education to adult learners from all walks of life. Everglades University has partnered with USGBC and Pearson to provide a organized curriculum to support education in; sustainability, alternative & renewable energy, alternative medicine & promoting wellness and building green (via the LEEDS certification in Construction Management) because we believe it is crucial not only to future generations and sustaining business models, but also to protecting and sustaining our planet.

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