Aviation science is the field of study for those interested in the world of aerospace, from crewmembers to airline management and maintenance technicians. All those who wish to enter this field must receive a degree in aviation to enter the industry.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation complements technical training in a variety of backgrounds, including air traffic control, flight operations, dispatch operations and more. The undergraduate degree gives students a solid general education surrounding the field of aviation and aerospace, and those who complete the program can enter into entry-level careers in their chosen industry within aviation.

But for those who wish to go beyond entry-level, a master’s degree is necessary. Whether you are already in the aviation space and hope to expand your knowledge and climb the ladder, or you want to go back into aviation and make it a long-lasting career, a Master’s Degree in Aviation Science will help get you there.

At Everglades University, our Master’s Degree in Aviation Science prepares students for a career beyond entry-level in aviation. Students will complete a rigorous curriculum in order to become masters in the aviation field. Coursework will include intensive analysis of airway transportation systems, airport operations, aerospace communication and logistics, aircraft simulation, advanced crew resource management procedures, aerospace systems safety and advanced security management. At the end of the program, students are also required to complete a capstone project, where they will apply their knowledge and skills.

A big part of the program is applying real-world situations in the aviation industry and knowing how to take the lead and manage a team. The Master’s Degree in Aviation Science combines a variety of aviation and aerospace courses in order to create versatile professionals within the aviation industry.

Sample courses within the program include:

  • Aviation Logistics Management
  • Security for the Aviation Industry
  • Aerospace Simulation Systems
  • Contemporary Issues and Trends in Aviation
  • Aviation Human Factors and Psychology
  • And more


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